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What People Say

  • The Walk is a magnificent novel — by turns hilarious, scary, sad, witty and one hell of a page-turner, too.

    Mystery Scene Magazine

Stuff I Do

  • Script Writing

    I've written short films, movies, and hundreds of TV shows...but what makes me special is that I'm the only guy who has written for a talking dolphin and David Hasselhoff. 


  • TV Production

    I've produced shows in the U.S., Canada, England and Germany in a wide variety of genres, from cop shows to science fiction, from martial arts to some really embarrassing crap. 

  • My Books

    My first novel was published when I was 19 under the pseudonym "Ian Ludlow." I hope that wasn't when I peaked.

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My Bio

  • Lee Goldberg
    Writer. Producer. TV Geek.
    Born: Oakland,CA
    Honors: Officer Friendly Award in 2nd Grade
    Skills: Staining my shirt every time I eat

Cool Tabs

I've always been a writer. I wrote my first novel when I was eight. The hero was born in an underwater sperm bank. I have no idea why it was underwater, or how deposits were made, but I thought it was cool.

I collect signed first edition mysteries and old TV shows. I'm one genetic mutation away from being a guy who speaks fluent Klingon and lives in a basement.

My father was a TV anchorman, my Mom was a newspaper columnist and my brother, two sisters, and an Uncle are all writers. Our grocery lists are sonnets in iambic pentameter.