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Lee Goldberg is an ex-Navy SEAL, freelance Sexual Surrogate and a professional Pierce Brosnan impersonator.

Okay, that's not true. But he wants this biography to be really exciting, so pay attention. If things bog down, I've been instructed to add a car chase or some explicit sex.

Here's the real story. Lee Goldberg writes books and television shows.

His mother wanted him to be a doctor, and his grandfather wanted him to go into the family furniture business. Instead, he put himself through UCLA as a freelance journalist, writing for such publications as American Film, Starlog, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate, The Washington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle (he also wrote erotic letters to the editor for Playgirl at $25-a-letter, but he doesn't tell people about that, he just likes to boast about those "tiffany" credits).

He published his first book .357 Vigilante (as "Ian Ludlow," so he'd be on the shelf next to Robert Ludlum) while he was still a UCLA student. The West Coast Review of Books called his debut "as stunning as the report of a .357 Magnum, a dynamic premiere effort," singling the book out as "The Best New Paperback Series" of the year. Naturally, the publisher promptly went bankrupt and he never saw a dime in royalties.

Welcome to publishing, Lee.

His many subsequent books include the non-fiction Successful Television Writing and Unsold Television Pilots as well as the novels My Gun Has Bullets, The Walk, King City, McGrave, Dead Space, and Watch Me Die, which was nominated for a Shamus Award for Best Novel from the "Private Eye Writers of America". He's also the writer/co-creator of The Dead Man, the monthly series of original novels published by Amazon's 47North imprint.

"Take me now," she moaned, "you hot writer stud."

She tore off her clothes and tackled him onto the floor, unable to control her raging lust. Nothing excited her more than being around a writer with a big list of books.

Got your attention again? Good. I don't know about you, but I was starting to nod off. Where was I? Oh yes...

Goldberg broke into television with a freelance script sale to Spenser: For Hire. Since then, his TV writing & producing credits have covered a wide variety of genres, including sci-fi (seaQuest), cop shows (Hunter, The Glades), martial arts (Martial Law), whodunits (Diagnosis Murder, Nero Wolfe), the occult (She-Wolf of London), kid's shows (R.L. Stine's The Nightmare Room), T&A (Baywatch, She Spies), comedy (Monk) clip shows (The Best TV Shows That Never Were) and total crap (The Highwayman, The New Adventures of Flipper).

He's written and produced TV shows in Canada (Cobra, Missing), England (Stick With Me Kid) and Germany (Fast Track: No Limits). His mystery writing for television has earned him two Edgar Award nominations from the Mystery Writers of America.

His two careers, novelist and TV writer, merged when he wrote the eight books in the Diagnosis Murder series of original novels, based on the hit CBS TV mystery that he also wrote and produced. He followed that up by writing fifteen bestselling novels based on Monk, another TV show that he worked on. His Monk novels have been translated and published in Germany, Poland, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, and many other countries.

In addition to his writing, he's worked as an international TV development expert and consulting producer for production companies and major networks in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

But perhaps he's best known for his pioneering work mapping the human genome and negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Goldberg lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his daughter and still sleeps in Man From U.N.C.L.E. pajamas.

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  • Lee Goldberg
    Writer. Producer. Bon Vivant.
    Home: Calabasas, CA
    Studies: Old TV shows
    Skills: BBQing Tri-Tip

    I'm the luckiest guy I know. I have a wonderful family and I write books & TV shows. I'm living the life I dreamed of when I was a kid. How many people can say that? 

What People Say

  • Successful Television Writing: "Where was this book when I was starting out?! A fantastic, fun, informative guide to breaking in—and more importantly, staying in the TV writing game—from the guys who taught me how to play it."

    Terence WinterCo-Executive Producer, The Sopranos
  • "With Lee Goldberg's King City you get suspense, romance, humor and shoot-em-up outlaw justice. Picture a modern day High Noon with an incorruptible cop, Tom Wade, putting it all on the line in a town without pity."

    Joseph WambaughBestselling author of The Blue Knight and The Onion Field
  • Dead Space: "An outrageously entertaining take on the loathsome folkways of contemporary showbiz."

    Kirkus Reviews
  • "Goldberg has every nuance and stance of Monk down pat. It is as if I am watching an episode of Monk as I read Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop"

    Futures Magazine
  • "The Dead Man: Face of Evil reminds me of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.[...]a fascinating horror story that leaves you wanting more, more, more!"

    Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine
  • "Lee Goldberg's Diagnosis Murder series is the perfect prescription for readers looking for thrills, chills, and laughs."

    Meg Cabot