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Nov 2013

14 More TV Shows That Changed Their Theme Songs

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I had such a great response to my post 12 TV Shows That Changed Their Themes that I’ve collected fourteen more examples of shows that scrapped one theme tune for an entirely different one.

The Bold Ones

Sheriff Lobo

Season 2


Happy Days


Cagney & Lacey


I Dream of Jeannie

The Drew Carey Show

Nash Bridges

(changed the theme twice.. in seasons 4 & 5)

The New Dick Dyke Show


The Smith Family

Babylon Five

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  • John Schramm

    November 17, 2013, pm30 1:00 PM

    I was expecting to see James at 15 / James at 16. I know you know that one.

    • Lee Goldberg

      November 18, 2013, am30 12:21 AM

      You’re right! I forgot about that one.

  • John DuMond

    November 20, 2013, am30 10:43 AM

    Very cool, Lee. Although I’m surprised you didn’t include Starsky and Hutch. If memory serves, that show had at least three theme songs over the course of the series.

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