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Oct 2016

We’ve Lost Ed Gorman, a Great Friend to Writers

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51nocgfenal-_ux250_I’m very sad to learn about the death of my friend Ed Gorman, who had been battling cancer for several years. We only met in person once… but we corresponded frequently over the years and spoke on the phone several times. He was a remarkably versatile writer, slipping easily between westerns, crime novels, horror and even political satire. But on top of that, he was a great friend to writers through his popular blog, his magazine (he founded Mystery Scene), and as editor at large for Five Star Mysteries and Five Star Westerns (published through Thomson/Gale). It is thanks to him, and his enthusiastic support, that my novels THE WALK and WATCH ME DIE (aka THE MAN WITH THE IRON ON BADGE) were published. I tried for many years to get film versions of his novels WOLF MOON and TROUBLE MAN off the ground but wasn’t able to make it happen. The best way to remember and honor Ed is to read one of his great books — and then spread the word about them to others so they can discover his talent.

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  • Michael Jacobs

    October 16, 2016, pm31 4:41 PM

    While I’m sure that Ed Gorman was a “great friend to writers,” he was also a great writer to us readers. I loved his Dev Conrad series and my most favorite of all of his books that I’ve read was The Poker Club. The movie version could never do it justice.

  • Mark

    October 16, 2016, pm31 5:57 PM

    What a prolific career . . . Bought four! Cold Blue Midnight, Ghost Town, Wolf Moon, and TROUBLE MAN. Thanks for the great write up Lee!

  • Charles Kelly

    October 17, 2016, am31 5:56 AM

    It was the high point of my extremely modest writing career when he called my bio of Dan J. Marlowe a “masterpiece.” Biggest thrill of my life. What a nice guy!

  • Mary Kennedy

    October 17, 2016, am31 6:56 AM

    This is very sad news, Ed was a terrific friend to writers, always kind and supportive. A really terrible loss.for both his fans and his fellow authors.

  • Dennis P Donohoe

    October 17, 2016, am31 8:34 AM

    This is very sad news about Ed Gorman. He was one of my favorite writers. I’ve been rereading his books and enjoying them for a second time.

  • Dennis Leppanen

    October 18, 2016, pm31 4:58 PM

    I felt a particular kinship toward Ed and felt a bit of irony as he passed of Multiple Myeloma the day before I started
    treatments for the same disease. I’m going to reread them also, Dennis. I know I’ll learn a thing or two. Or is it
    re-learn a thing or two?

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