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May 2014

Writing Advice from Owensboro

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As some of you may know, the finale of  The Chase, which I co-wrote with Janet Evanovich, is set in and around Owensboro & Hawesville Kentucky. Last week, author Joel Goldman & I trekked across the country to Owensboro for “An Evening with Lee & Joel,” a program put on by Riverpark Center and Daviess County Library. We talked about self-publishing, plotting, how we broke into the business, etc….and now you can see some excerpts from the event up on YouTube.

Here’s a clip of me explaining why I believe this is the Golden Age of Publishing for Authors…

Here’s Joel and I talking about how we broke into the business:

I’ll have more clips from that event up on my website in a few weeks.

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1 comment
  • Woelf Dietrich

    May 14, 2014, pm31 2:31 PM

    I enjoyed these clips immensely. Can’t wait for you to put up some more. It certainly is a wonderful age for writers, filled with far more opportunities than say, ten years ago. There is more freedom to write and experiment. Hell, it’s even possible to finance your own writing while you search for a traditional deal, if you’re so inclined, of course. I like the idea of doing both, of publishing your own stuff and going through a trad publisher. Exciting stuff, striving to attain the best of both worlds.

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